Fawlty Towers tribute show
Phoney Towers tribute to Falwty Towers TV show

Brilliant take on TV's classic comedy

"Your NAME please. Could I have your name?"

Learn about the facade behind the talented trio

Phoney Towers Dining Experience Before Starters


Played by Phil Hoyles

Basil is brilliantly mastered by Phil, with the mannerisms and short temper of John Cleese’s legendary character of an eccentric hotel owner in Torquay.

His career has spanned cruiseships, holiday parks and theatres.

The well-known Grimsby-based comedy actor played the iconic Tommy Cooper in The Tommy Cooper Experience. This led to a nationwide UK tour as an understudy to Jerome Flynn in the inaugural post West End production of Jus’ Like That!

Phoney Towers Dining Experience Before Mains

MANUEL (from Barcelona)

Played by Drew Cameron

The award-winning Brighton-based impressionist is in his element when portraying a plethora of other legendary comedy icons in the show.

His portrayals of Mr Bean and Victor Meldrew, which feature in Phoney Horses, have helped scoop numerous awards including back-to-back
Global Excellence Awards in 2020 and 2021.

He reached the final of ITV's popular Britain's Got Talent and won the station's coveted Opportunity Knocks as an aspiring cheeky 15-year-old.

Phoney Towers Dining Experience Before & After Desserts


Played by Ian Blight

The Uckfield-based comedy actor, who started treading the boards as five-year-old in an old-time music hall in Windsor, was a successful performer and singer in sunny Florida, USA.

He has made portraying women his speciality, including in pantomines - oh yes he has!

Plays Basil's long-suffering wife Sybil, who is often left to clean up the mess when Basil is having yet another a meltdown.