Fawlty Towers tribute show
Dining Experience

Dining Experience

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Dining experience for Hotels and Restaurants
Fawlty Towers Dining Experience

Comedy Dining Experience
Phoney Towers Dining Experience serves up four scenes comprising Before Starters, Before Mains, Before Desserts and After Desserts.

Feast your eyes on the pure entertainment, mayhem and mirth served up by the unmissable cast.

Based on Fawlty Towers, the classic BBC sitcom, this homage is full of similar escapades.

Audiences are treated to uncanny resemblances and audience interaction, which is guaranteed to entertain participants.

Before Starters

Each performance is largely improvised during the interactive meal to ensure a rip-roaring show that's a perfect recipe for all involved.

As waitress Polly has got the night off, everything's been left to English hoteliers Basil and Sybil who are aided by hapless Spanish waiter Manuel.

Before Mains

Those with an appetite for laughter will have their emotions aroused as Basil, Manuel and Sybil cause chaos around the diners.

The trio wander between tables and interact with set-pieces to recreate classic scenes from the iconic 1970s BBC TV series.

Before & After Desserts

The tribute act is more haute cuisine than the food.

Endless laughs are always dished up, with diners relentlessly chuckling at their tables.

Manuel is permanently confused. Be cautious asking for more rolls as it can get lost in translation, so you never know what will arrive at the table.